Bee Removal Tampa Fl – effective bee removal methods

Bee Removal Tampa Fl – effective bee removal methods

Tampa in Florida is a region that has in the recent past experienced a lot of challenges due to the persistent problem of bee invasions into homes. These swarms of bees are spotted mostly in spring although, in other parts of Florida, they are spotted generally throughout the year. The nuisance has become a genuine concern for most of the homeowners who...

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    Tampa in Florida is a region that has in the recent past experienced a lot of challenges due to the persistent problem of bee invasions into homes. These swarms of bees are spotted mostly in spring although, in other parts of Florida, they are spotted generally throughout the year. The nuisance has become a genuine concern for most of the homeowners who recently have started requesting the services of expert bee removal Tampa Fl. It is evident by the look of despair that many of the residents have in their faces that these bees have caused them a lot of disturbance. In this article, we look at the hot topic on Africanized honeybees that have been the major species that invade homes.

    Africanized honeybees are a cross breed of the honey bees and another breed of species of African bees. Although these bees are quite productive due to their honey production, they are the most feral of all the available bee species and they are known to sting with a lot of rages. If not checked, Africanized honeybees can attack a person that is allergic to bees and cause fatalities. This is because, people who are allergic to bees when stung by them, experience low blood pressure which then leads to breathing difficulties and they may die because of suffocation. This is not something that you would wish for any of your friends or family members. It is therefore important that immediately you spot bees on your property, you call in bee removal Tampa Fl experts who will know best how to help you get rid of them before they cause any harm to people around you.

    Africanized honey bees can be identified by their distinctively hairy body which allows them to pick rub against flowers and take out as much nectar and pollen grains as they can. This makes them a very vital component of the whole process of pollination which helps in the perpetuation of plant life. Plant life then supports animal life and thus the whole ecological system depends on bees in one way or another. It is therefore worthy to note that these species of bees are protected by law since it is deemed as an endangered species. The removal of such a species of bees will, therefore, require the service of a bee removal Tampa Fl expert that will decide best on which method to use to evacuate the bees for their hive without killing them. Extermination of Africanized honeybees can attract a legal suit should animal rights lobby groups decide to follow through on the matter to the end. This can easily be avoided if you keep in mind that Africanized honeybees are not to be exterminated.

    Which method is best used to remove Africanized honeybees is the main question I this context. You will need to evaluate the use of the most humane method of bee removal to help you achieve your desired result. It is advisable that should you note that Africanized honeybees have made a hive in your compound, you call in local beekeepers to help you take control of the situation. These local beekeepers have the necessary expertise that allows them to manage bees without allowing the bees to cause harm to them or those around them. Local beekeepers also have the right protective gear that allows them to work in the field where bees are without fear of stings should the bees even be agitated and decide to sting. Their knowledge of bees also helps them gauge which is the best time of the day to deal with bees. It is important to note that bees cannot just be handled at any time of the day more so not if they are have built a hive in a residential area. The best time to handle bees according to bee removal Tampa Fl experts is late evening. It is at this time of the day that bees exhibit minimal activity and thus are less prone to stinging. This should however not give you the confidence to think that the bees will let you have it easy, not at all. Ensure that your household members remain indoors for the longevity of the entire process as it is known bees can at times become too wild and will go on a rampage to sting anyone and anything that they deem to be an intrusion into their colony.

    The Africanized honeybee is best relocated to another site by sucking its swarm into a special type of vacuum before moving it. You will also need to pick up remaining honeycombs and the pupa as they too are important and will eventually lead to the continuation of the colony long after the older bees have died out. Africanized honeybees also happen to die immediately after they have stung someone or something. This is because the pressure exerted after they release their sting is so intense that it ruptures their abdomen and thus they die shortly after stinging a person. This may as well be the reason why they are so ferocious because they have nothing to lose in the end.

    After the relocation of these Africanized honeybees, bee removal Tampa Fl experts advice that you clear up the remainder of the hive in order to prevent another swarm from taking over it. Insects too get attracted to the hive due to the sweet scent of honey and will thus leave you with another insect menace that you have to deal with if you do not act quick enough to avert the situation. The beehive is best washed with warm water first and then later burnt or buried somewhere in a place that other insects will not easily have access to it. In order to bury a hive, dig a hole at least two feet deep and dispose of it in the hole.

    The above-suggested tips present the most advisable method of handling Africanized honeybees and preventing any harm to you or those around the vicinity while in the process of handling the said bees.


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