efficient and effective iguana removal services in Tampa.

efficient and effective iguana removal services in Tampa.

Tampa is a town that experiences the warm tropical climate that is characteristic of Florida as a state. This warm tropical weather though favorable and very enjoyable by human beings, it is also the cause of the distress that has been the concern of many residents of Tampa over the last few years. Iguana invasion has become a real problem...

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    Tampa is a town that experiences the warm tropical climate that is characteristic of Florida as a state. This warm tropical weather though favorable and very enjoyable by human beings, it is also the cause of the distress that has been the concern of many residents of Tampa over the last few years. Iguana invasion has become a real problem in Tampa and Florida as a whole and this has been brought about as the result of the climate which provides the most suitable conditions for iguanas to thrive in. The rise in these instances of iguana invasions into homes has led to the need to have professional iguana removal Tampa firms that can best handle this arising problem.

    Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a professional iguana removal Tampa firm that ranks as the best among its peers in the iguana removal service industry. Here in this article, we at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers take you through some basics of iguana removal.

    How to Keep Iguanas Away

    Home owners who have a knack for maintaining beautiful gardens and yards have no other alternative in this world than to ensure that iguanas do not gain access to their gardens due to their destructive nature. Iguanas are natural herbivores which have huge vegetation demands and thus will wreck havoc in your garden within a few days. We as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are experienced in iguana removal Tampa and advise our clients on the use of the following methods to keep iguanas away.

    1. Plant repelling plants

    Yes, iguanas are natural herbivores but then again they do not feed on just about any vegetation. Iguanas cannot stand the smell and taste of plants such as citrus and milkweed and thus planting this plants in your garden ensures that the iguanas are kept away from it.

    1. Seal entry points

    If there ever was a more effective way of ensuring your garden is not faced with an iguana infestation, it would be the need to ensure that the iguanas do not have a way of accessing the garden in the first place. Seal off all entry points that could be used by the iguanas to access your garden and this will prevent the iguanas from coming into it.

    1. Make the iguanas uncomfortable

    Our vast experience in iguana removal Tampa has revealed that iguanas do not appreciate wetness on their skin and the sound of a gushing force of water scares them away. Keep a hose pipe in your garden and ensure you spray the iguanas with water each time they make an appearance in your garden. This may be hectic but is still an effective method of keeping iguanas away.



    How to Catch a Wild Iguana

    A wild iguana refers to any iguana that exists in its natural environment and does not depend on humans for food or shelter. These wild iguanas, unlike their tamed counterparts, tend to be a little bit more easily agitated than the tamed iguanas. It is thus important to take extra caution whenever one is dealing with a wild iguana especially if it is the mating season during which they tend to be more defensive than normal. Bites inflicted by iguanas are very painful and will require one to get stitched.  Any professional iguana removal Tampa firm will advise you and tell you that it is risky to even be in the presence of a wild iguana.

    Food and water are the main attractors of iguanas to your garden and wild iguanas just like their domesticated counterparts also attack our gardens and treat themselves to a meal on the vegetation in our gardens. As a professional iguana removal Tampa firm, we at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers advise that once a wild iguana invades your garden, capture it before it causes any havoc.

    At the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we advise our clients to use snare traps and cage traps which rank as the best tools for capturing iguanas. One only needs to look for strategic locations in which to place the traps in order for them to work efficiently. Study the movements of the wild iguana that you have noted in your garden and then lay a baited trap for the reptile to go into. It won’t take much effort to set up a snare trap, the same goes for the cage traps. Once captured, you can call us here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers to help you relocate the reptile to another area that is at least three miles from where our client resides.

    Iguana Control

    Iguanas are without a doubt very beautiful lizards, their exotic skin is an attraction that is hard to resist if you are a pet lover. However, when these iguanas live away from our home in the wild, they are regarded as nuisance animals which ought to be controlled in order to guard against destruction of gardens and landscaping. The iguanas are found in large numbers in Florida due to the favorable warm tropical climate that encourages the growth of vegetation that provides food for the iguanas to feed on, the iguanas are by nature herbivorous.

    Iguanas are not known to be harmful animals, however, during the mating season the male species are known to become defensive and very aggressive and thus if anyone approached at that time chances are that they may get harmed. Iguanas are very charm offensive when it comes to biting and can inflict very serious bite injuries which require stitching. Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers being experts in iguana removal Tampa, we advise against the habit of picking up iguanas if one does not have prior knowledge about the reptile’s behavior.  The feeding habits of these herbivorous reptiles is a threat to vegetation in the gardens of many home owners in Tampa and thus the need to have us the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, a  professional iguana removal Tampa firm.

    For those that may opt for home solutions to control the iguanas, we at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, advise that or clients employ two main iguana control techniques; exclusion and trapping.  In exclusion, the client or home owner should deprive the iguanas of any reason to remain in their home or garden by preventing their access to food and thus the iguanas become uncomfortable in the environment and leave to look for another one. On the other hand, trapping will involve the setting up of snare traps in strategic positions and paths that are commonly used by the iguanas in their movement.

    Iguana Trap

    The option for many people when they want to capture any problematic animal in their homes is always the use of traps which is, for the most part, the safest, most effective and the legally allowed way of capturing nuisance animals. When it comes to the trapping of iguanas, snare traps are the most commonly used types of traps due to their ease of setting up and the sheer magnificence that is the success rate of these traps. Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers owing to our extensive expertise in iguana removal Tampa, we advise our most esteemed clients that whenever they opt to use a trap at home, they should ensure that it is the right size. Using the wrong sized traps causes harm to the iguana and at the same time, it may hamper your chances of trapping the reptile.

    As a professional iguana removal Tampa company, we also advise on the use of cage traps which when placed at strategic locations that are visited often by the iguanas have a very good success rate in trapping the iguanas and giving you the desired results. To make the cage traps even more effective, it is advisable that you use them with baits that will attract the iguanas into the cage trap.

    Traps can be very dangerous to the user when not used in the right manner, it is important that any user of a trap be aware of the dangers of using a trap wrongly and thus take the necessary precautions to avoid injury that may be self-inflicted.   The iguanas also need to be watched out for when trapped. It is important to understand that although they may be docile when free, the reptiles when captured may become agitated and very aggressive and thus cause harm through bites if the handler does not take the necessary precautions of wearing heavy gloves.

    Iguana Removal Cost

    Iguana removal Tampa is best done by professional iguana removal companies that possess the right capacity within them to handle any iguana removal problem that may be facing an individual in their home or garden. It is worth noting that there are many companies that have cropped up all around Tampa and thus compromising on the quality of service being provided while charging very exorbitant prices. Many of these companies take advantage of vulnerable residents who are after nothing more than to be relieved from the iguana problem that has become a nuisance for them. It is good to have it in mind that expensive does not always translate to good quality as these new companies compromise on the quality of service many a time.

    Having vast experience of four years in the field of iguana removal Tampa, here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers we are ranked as the best iguana removal firm in Tampa and the whole of Florida at Large. Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, our aim is to ensure that our clients get value for their money always and that no single client ever goes away without having all their iguana removal problems well taken care of.

    How to Get Rid of Iguanas in your Garden

    It has been proven that iguanas are attracted to our gardens for one sole reason which is to make a meal of our gardens and its vegetation. The herbivorous nature of iguanas demands that they feed on a lot of vegetation for their survival and thus their problematic nature of invading into our gardens every now and then. Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers we advise on the use of the following methods to help get rid of iguanas in your garden.

    1. Use of water; Spraying the iguanas with water whenever they set foot into your garden is a very good way of keeping the iguanas at bay and ensuring that they do not make a home in your garden.
    2. Covering trash cans; Iguanas, if not checked against, can make a home in your trash can if it’s prone to being left open and unemptied every time. It is important that the trash can be emptied regularly and at the same time remain covered.
    3. Clean up all pet food; if you’re the owner of pets, ensure that you clear the leftovers of all their meals after feeding them in order to ensure there is nothing to attract the iguanas.
    4. Using blockades on trees; Iguanas create nesting grounds on top of trees. Blocking their way of climbing up trees is a sure way of ensuring they don’t create nesting grounds in your garden.
    5. Clean up all leftovers; Iguanas will feed on any vegetative material that they find in your garden and this also includes leftovers that are of vegetative nature. It is necessary that after each meal all the leftovers be well taken care of if one is to get rid of iguanas in the garden.

    Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we aspire to offer nothing short of the best iguana removal services in Tampa. Should one have an iguana problem, feel free to give us a call on (877) 741-7703, (561) 508-3109, (877) 741-7703. Our offices are located on 7040 Seminole Pratt Whitney Rd Ste. 25-122 Loxahatchee, FL 33470.

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