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Iguana Removal


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The State of Florida has no doubt been invaded by iguanas that have become more than just a nuisance and are now the cause of many damages in our homes and gardens. These damages cost many home owners a lot of money to repair. The terror caused to our young ones and diseases spread to human beings are also among the reasons that have led to the need to have a professional iguana control Miami firm to help alleviate the residents of Miami of this problem.

Iguanas are not native to this state but the warm tropical climate provides these iguanas a very rich environment to thrive in and thus they have made Florida their home. We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are a professional iguana control Miami company that offers iguana removal services to the residents of Miami and Florida at large. With the existence of our firm in the city, iguana invasion is bound to be dealt with appropriately.

How to Scare Away Iguanas

Iguanas are very destructive reptiles which if left to breed in your garden can be the cause of great havoc to the vegetation found in it. It is important that as a home owner you be on the constant look out to see if you have a probable iguana problem at your home. There are many methods in the book that are suggested in the quest for iguana control Miami. As a professional iguana removal company, we advise that one need not rush to just try out any method but take careful consideration as to what the real cause of the iguanas coming to your garden is. Failure to do this will mean that after you have gotten rid of the first iguana, another one will be attracted to the garden or your home for the same reasons which will not have been dealt with.

Iguana control Miami cannot be termed as a one off procedure but one that needs commitment as it will be continuous. One needs to go for the methods that will make the iguanas uncomfortable and thus they do not find a reason to settle in your garden or home. We suggest the following methods.

  1. Use of iguana repealing plants; iguanas do not feed on plants such as milkweed and citrus and thus having them in your garden forces the iguanas to seek another settlement alternative.
  2. Use of CDs; the flashing light that is reflected by compact discs helps to scare away iguanas and makes them feel uncomfortable in the environments that they have invaded. Tie up these compact discs at the base of trees where iguanas are most likely to come and this will work well to scare them away.

Homemade Iguana Repellent

There are proven methods that can be used to make repellents at home that enable one to deal with an iguana problem that they may be facing. As a professional iguana control Miami Company we also agree on the use of the following procedures to enable home owners to come up with a homemade iguana repellent that can be used in iguana control Miami satisfactorily.

  1. Put 3 garlic cloves and 4 fresh habanera peppers in your blender and add a cup of lime juice. Iguanas don’t appreciate the smell of garlic either the taste of lime and pepper. The idea of having these contaminate their food source is a sure way to make iguanas leave your garden in search of other pure food sources that won’t irritate them.
  2. Add the blended solution in one gallon of warm water then add a tablespoon of dish soap. Stir to blend the resulting solution and then pour it into glass jars and refrigerate for at least a week. Ensure it does not contaminate other foods in the refrigerator.
  3. Pour the solution into a spray can and then head out to your garden and spray the solution to those plants that are most prone to attack by the iguanas whenever they invade your garden. Ensure all vegetative parts of the plants are well sprayed.
  4. The procedure for spraying should continue to be done for as long as the damage is noted to still exist until the iguanas are gone. You will also need to do the procedure after it rains because the repellent will be washed away from the plants by the rain water.

This procedure is followed with accuracy is a sure way to help you rid yourself off of iguanas without incurring much costs.

Iguana Trap

Iguana control Miami is a procedure which can be done successfully through the use of traps. But before deciding on using the traps on an iguana, it is important that one knows which is the best trap to buy, where to place it and if there are any legal restrictions on the use of traps in Florida. Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we are a professional iguana control Miami firm and in our experience in the field, we have come to identify that the use of snare traps and live traps is the best way for anyone to capture an iguana. These traps are humane and work best with almost all sizes of iguanas.

When using the traps, ensure that they are placed on the paths on which iguanas have been spotted using. This is because the iguanas are bound to use the same paths over and over again as they go about their activities of looking for feed and water. Place the traps strategically on these paths and make sure to check them frequently to see if the iguanas have been trapped. Iguana trapping in Florida is legal so long as the procedure is viewed as being humane; we advise that our clients familiarize with the laws governing the trapping of iguanas before they decide on trapping one. Once trapped, it is important to note that the iguana cannot be released into the environment and the trapper has to take full responsibility of the iguana. Under trap, the iguana must be fed at least once a day and its safety guaranteed. The Florida state allows for the euthanizing of iguanas by freezing and this is the only legal method of euthanizing the reptiles that is allowed here in Florida. If not able to perform this procedure, we ask that our clients reach out to us at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers to helping to achieve it.

How to Catch a Wild Iguana

A wild iguana refers to an iguana that exists in its natural environment and is not under the responsibility of a human being as a pet animal. Most of the wild iguanas in Florida are those that had previously been tamed but the owners either released them due to failure to meet their feeding demands or they are iguanas that escaped from the homes of their owners. These iguanas though they were previously tamed, one should not presume that they will automatically be docile, they may have turned feral due to the hard conditions in the wild. Such iguanas need to be handled with caution as they can cause a lot of harm through bites and scratches to people.  These iguanas will be attracted to where human beings are more often than not because they have been used to staying in their environment and therefore they have learned to associate the presence of human beings with the availability of feed for themselves.

Iguana control Miami for these feral iguanas can be achieved through live trapping whereby traps can be used to capture them as they make their movements in our environment in search of food. The traps should be placed at the entry points used by these iguanas as they attempt to invade our gardens. Another effective iguana control Miami method for these feral iguanas is catching them using bare hands. However, caution should be taken to ensure that the person who is going to catch the iguana has worn heavy gloves. Approach the iguana from the back and hold it by the tail and the back of its neck and then put it into a waiting cage or box and prepare to euthanize it or hand it over to the authorities.

Iguana Removal Cost

Iguana control Miami is a procedure that if not well procured can cost you an arm. It is important that the client be able to know the companies that are involved in iguana removal in the area that he or she is and be able to compare the prices of the services that each of the companies offers. A good iguana control Miami firm is one that will offer you the best quality service at the most affordable and reasonable price in the market. This requires that a person does due diligence about each iguana removal firm in order to arrive at the best firm. Caution should be taken by the client in order to avoid falling for catchy advertisements that are nothing more than just well-crafted PR stunts to capture the attention of vulnerable home owners who are desperate for help.

The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers offers the best iguana removal service in Miami at the most affordable price available. The price exists as a range because it will be dependent on several factors such as the size of the iguana in your home, the number of the iguanas that have made an invasion in your home and also the species that has invaded. In other instances, we will also look at the extent of the damage that has been done to your landscape and then tell you the price that it will cost you to acquire the services.

Iguana Removal Services Near Me

When faced with an iguana infestation problem, many people will want to handle the problem by themselves and this is a good way of ensuring that they do not incur iguana removal costs. However, for those that may not have an idea of how to go about the process f iguana removal and iguana control Miami, their only hope can be found in the existence of an iguana control Miami firm. But even with this in mind, another problem that comes up is where do I get the services of these professional iguana removal companies? For residents of Miami, they are a lucky lot as our company, the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers exists just for the sake of enabling them to overcome this iguana invasion problem that they may be faced with.

The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a professional iguana control Miami Company that ranks as the best in the field of iguana removal. We have a four-year experience in the field of iguana removal and are best suited to help you handle any iguana problem that you may be faced with. Our team of experts is highly trained to handle any situation that may be there in your home or garden with regards to iguanas.  We ensure that the service we give to you protects you and your loved ones from the possible re-occurrence of iguanas in your homes. At the same time, we will disinfect your home against any possible diseases that may have been spread by iguanas. Iguana faeces carry Salmonella and these pathogens if not handled properly can be the cause of the spread of diseases in human beings.  At the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we are committed to giving the best services to our clients at all time. We respond to calls with a swiftness that cannot be matched by any other iguana removal firm in and around Florida.

If you happen to be faced with an iguana invasion or infestation problem and in need of our services, feel free to contact us on (877) 741-7703, (561) 508-3109 or (877) 741-7703. You can also visit our offices that are located on 7040 Seminole Pratt Whitney Rd Ste. 25-122 Loxahatchee, FL 33470.

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