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Iguana Removal

professional iguana removal services in Orlando. For the best results

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For a long time, iguanas had stood out as coveted pets due to their very docile nature and beautiful exotic appearance that acted as a strong attractor to many of the iguana lovers. Green iguanas gained entry and a significant presence in the USA as a result of the pet trade that existed between the USA and South and Central American countries. Previously regarded as desirable home pets, iguanas are nowadays classified as invasive and nuisance animals that are widely disliked because of their destruction of landscaping in people’s gardens and also because of disease transmission.

The rise of this problem calls to the attention of Nuisance Wildlife Rangers. We are the best company in iguana removal Orlando. We offer nothing short of the best services when it comes to iguana removal Orlando and in this article, we advise on a few tips for the control of the iguanas.

How to Keep Iguanas Away

Any person with a genuine concern for landscaping or one who is a fan of gardening will admit to the fact that over the past few years there has been a surge in the number of invasions by iguanas in many of our residencies and more so the gardens. This can be noted by their presence in our gardens and swimming pools where they cause unlimited havoc to our landscaping by munching on the vegetation while at the same time spreading bacteria that may, in the end, pose a health risk to us.  Iguanas are known for their vegetarian inclinations although there have been reports of them feeding on insects.

We as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers ranking as the best in iguana removal Orlando, advise that for anyone who wishes to keep iguanas away from their garden, it is important to take note of their feeding habit since they will be attracted to your garden for the sole reason that they will be looking for vegetation to feed on. The following methods can be employed in iguana removal Orlando.

  1. Get rid of dropped fruits; iguanas love fruits and are attracted to fruits due to the scent. It is important that you clear any dropped fruits in your lawn whether they be leftovers that you fed on or those dropping from trees in your lawn.
  2. Create obstacles to their movement; one effective method of keeping iguanas away from your garden is creating an obstacle to their movement into your garden through the use of wire mesh. The same can also be done on trees to prevent their climbing.
  3. Trim your garden; iguanas tend to keep away from trimmed gardens due to the lack of cover and therefore it’s important to keep the vegetation height at the minimum.

Iguana Control

Iguana lizards though adorable are considered as invasive and nuisance animals here in the USA if they happen to exist in the wild. Their existence in the wild was triggered through the pet trade that introduced these pets into the USA and coupled up with escapes from homes, they grew in numbers in the wild and hence becoming a nuisance. Iguana lizards are common in tropical environment s that provides favorable climatic conditions for survival due to the dense vegetation that acts as food for these herbivores.

Iguanas are typically docile but the male species are known to become aggressive and territorial whenever it is the mating season. We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers advise against the act of picking up wild iguanas as they can become defensive and thus begin to thrash about, which can then be the source of the injury from their tail whipping and clawing, not to mention the terror that may be caused should the handler become paranoid. The feeding habits of these animals is a major contributing factor to vegetation depletion and landscape destruction due to the burrows that iguanas form in the ground to keep their developing offspring. These traits of the iguanas necessitate our skilled services as Nuisance Wildlife Rangers when it comes to iguana removal Orlando.

However, should one result to home solutions for iguana removal Orlando, we at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers advice that one should utilize exclusion methods in iguana control. If one is able to eliminate the iguanas’ access to vegetation, then they can successfully repel iguanas from their homes and gardens. Take a keen notice of the most favored type of vegetation for iguanas which are roses, turf grasses, and orchids. Control their access to this vegetation and with that, you will be able to control iguanas in your garden. Another effective method of controlling iguanas is the use of traps that are placed strategically.

Iguana Trap

A majority of people that aim at controlling iguanas will result to the use of traps more so the snare traps because of the ease in setting them up and also because of the accuracy of the traps when set accurately. Depending on the size of the iguana that is causing a nuisance in your garden,  we at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers advise that it is worth choosing a suitably sized snare trap for the best result. From our experience in iguana removal Orlando, we have noted with concern that failure to choose the rightly sized snare can be damaging to the iguana that is targeted for trapping and thus may fail to produce the expected results. Despite the fact that snares may often be considered to be fatal when well set this is not the case and the snare should be able to hold the iguana until that time when the trapper arrives.

Being knowledgeable in iguana removal Orlando, we at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers also suggest the use of cage traps. When it comes to the cage traps, they can only work best when placed in areas where the nuisance iguanas walk frequently.

Iguanas are blessed with a set of very sharp teeth that can be quite dangerous to a person who is handling the iguana more so if the person is not a skilled member of our staff at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers.  Extra caution should be taken whenever one is moving an iguana from a snare trap into a cage, as the iguanas are prone to being agitated due to the pain and frustration endured while they were trapped. In that moment, the iguanas are most likely to lash out with their claws and teeth and thus cause injury to the handler.



Iguana Bait

For a trap to work successfully, one of the most important components of it is a bait. Using the right bait will allow you achieve the desired results when you put into use a trap as you aim to capture an iguana that has become a nuisance in your home or garden. Owing to our expertise at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers when it comes to iguana removal Orlando, in this section we shall advise you on how to choose the best bait for use in trapping an iguana.

Zoological studies have proven that iguanas are strict herbivores and though there may be reports of some iguanas feeding on insects, it is always coupled up with other vegetarian diet or in the absence of this, it is the case of extreme food shortage.  As an iguana removal Orlando company we, therefore, advise against the use of any meat or insect as bait as this may not provide the most desirable of results. The use of meat may actually fail to attract the iguanas into the trap or cage.

Iguanas are attracted to fruits due to their sweet scent and thus using fruits is the best choice of bait. The bright color of fruits is also sure to attract the iguanas to it, the best choice for fruit is mangoes and bananas which can be cut well and placed strategically in the snare or cage and once the iguana goes for it, it is the captured. It is also important that aside from just using the bait, the location of the trap and bait be appropriate and familiar to the iguana so that the process can be executed with swiftness.

How to Catch a Wild Iguana

A wild iguana refers to any iguana that exists in its natural environment and has not been tamed by human beings or kept at home as a pet. Wild iguanas, unlike pet iguanas, tend to get agitated when they come into contact with human beings and in such instances they can cause injuries through bites caused by their sharp teeth and also scratches caused by their claws. We at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers due to our experience in iguana removal Orlando, do advice that one takes precaution when handling wild iguanas.

A wild iguana will be attracted to your home or garden in search of food and water which are of prime importance to their survival and should you happen to have a garden, then that will be a major attraction for them. Our expert advice on iguana removal Orlando is that one employs the use of traps and cages as they are the most efficient in trapping wild iguanas.

Snare traps and cages can be placed at strategic entry points of these iguanas. The most effective areas are the openings along fences that border our gardens. Place the baited trap on that point and the iguana once attracted by the bait will be trapped and can then be relocated somewhere else by the help of the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers. The Snare traps can also be placed at the mouths of the burrows that are made in the ground by iguanas. This, however, requires one to take some time to locate all the iguana burrows present in the garden.  The cages can be placed strategically at the base of fruit trees that may attract iguanas to climb them and thus in their pursuit of fruits the iguanas walk in the already set cages on the ground.


How to Catch an Iguana in the House

It is a rare occurrence for an iguana to make its way into our house but in some instances this does happen and when it does it is best if one knows the most appropriate way to handle that situation before the iguana attracts other iguanas into the house and they start breeding or cause terror to people and damage to equipment. Iguanas will be attracted to our homes in search of food mostly if there are rose flowers or any fruits in our homes that are left unattended to and thus can be accessed by the iguanas.

Iguanas in the house can best be caught through the use of baited traps and cages. The cages or traps need to be placed at the entry points that the iguanas used to access the home as the animal may move in and out of the house frequently as it goes in search of food. Once its movement patterns have been noted, the baited trap or cage ought to be placed on the route used by the iguana in order to trap it.

Another effective method of catching an iguana in the house is the use of repellents. We as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers advice that one picks out the most human-friendly iguana repellent that will enable them to catch the iguana once the repellent has been ingested by the animal. Protective wear should always be put to use when using repellents and water and food sources should not remain uncovered as their contamination can lead to other health risks in the home.

Once captured, the iguana should be handed over to the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers who will help you relocate it to the best environment for its survival and thus prevent any possibility of the iguana coming back.


The Nuisance Wildlife Rangers provides the best services when it comes to iguana removal Orlando. We can be reached through our contact lines on (877) 741-7703, (561) 508-3109, (877) 741-7703. One can also visit our offices located on 7040 Seminole Pratt Whitney Rd Ste. 25-122 Loxahatchee, FL 33470.

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