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Iguana Removal

efficient and professional iguana removal services in miami

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Iguanas are adorable reptiles which for long have been kept at home by people as pets. Their exotic skin is a major attraction to many pet lovers that choose to breed these reptiles. However in Florida, due to the warm tropical climate that is characteristic of the state, there has been a sudden rise in the number of untamed iguanas which have led to many complaints by home owners whenever these reptiles make their way into the gardens. Iguanas are herbivorous and if not checked against whenever they intrude your garden, they can leave behind a trail of damage on the landscape that will require a lot of money to fix. This increase in the number of untamed iguanas has led to the rise of iguana removal Miami firms that specialize in the handling of the iguanas. Among the iguana removal Miami companies, we as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers rank as the best in terms of quality service.

How to Catch a Wild Iguana

Wild iguanas are those iguanas that live in the natural environment and have not been tamed by human beings as home pets. Unlike their tamed counterparts, wild iguanas are not that much docile and thus can easily become agitated when a human being tries to handle it. The resultant action of this agitation is aggressive defense whereby the iguana will bite the person who tries to capture it or happens to be the cause of its distress. Experienced iguana removal Miami experts like we the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers advise that a person be cautious whenever they are handling an iguana in its natural and untamed state.

An iguana will be attracted to your garden or home in search of food and water for its survival, as has been said earlier the iguanas are herbivorous and thus your garden will serve as a major attractor. Once the iguana makes its way into your garden our expert advice on iguana removal Miami is that you capture it as soon as possible. This is because if left on their own, the iguanas can be the cause of extensive damage in your garden.

Here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we advise on the use of snare traps and cages to best capture these iguanas. The snare traps and cages can be placed at strategic entry and exit points of these iguanas into and out of your garden. Placing the trap along the fences that border our gardens is the best way to achieve the right results. The iguanas will be attracted to the baited trap and be captured. Here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we can help you relocate the captured iguana to another area where it will not be a nuisance. Another good place to set up the traps is the base of trees in your garden, this will capture the iguanas as they try to make their way up the trees where they build their nesting grounds.

How to Get Rid of Iguanas in Your Garden

Iguanas are known to be vicious herbivores which if they invade your garden, you can be sure that in no time the damage done to the vegetation in the garden will be very extensive.  Iguanas require a lot of food for their survival and also if not checked against, they can multiply very fast and within a short time, you may be faced with an infestation problem in your garden. What we have noted here at Nuisance Wildlife rangers in our experience as iguana removal Miami experts is that many of the iguanas that will invade your garden are those that had previously been domesticated at home but their owners released them. If not released by the owners, it is most likely that the iguanas escaped and were never caught again by the owners. These types of iguanas may not be harmful but again that does not assure you that they may not bite if they feel threatened. As iguana removal Miami experts, we advise that you exercise caution when handling such iguanas. The following methods can be used to get rid of iguanas in your garden;

  1. Create a friendly environment to predators such as hawks and eagles which will feed on the iguanas whenever they happen to come into your garden.
  2. If you happen to come across any burrows that have been dug by the iguanas, ensure that you fill them with soil and stones in order to make the iguanas shift in search of a new habitat.
  3. You should not have leftovers in your garden or have an open trash can in your garden. Ensure that the leftovers are cleared away and all trash cans remain covered.

Iguana Bait

Many people who are faced with iguana invasion problems face challenges when it comes to the selection of the right bait to be used when setting up traps to capture the iguanas. It is important that you have prior information on which is the best-suited bait to use when setting up a trap in order to achieve the desired results as you aim to capture those problematic reptiles that have invaded your garden. Here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we are experienced in iguana removal Miami, and are therefore the most qualified to advise you on matters iguana bait.

One good scientific fact about iguanas is that they are herbivorous naturally and therefore when seeking to make the bait that will attract the iguanas it is necessary that the bait be made of plant matter. There are iguana removal Miami companies that suggest the use of insects as baits, but here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers we refute this and our advice to our clients is that they stick to plant matter entirely.

Iguanas are known to be very much attracted to fruits due to their bright colors and sweet scent.  This, therefore, means that fruits serve as the best type of plants to use in making baits. Bananas and mangoes have been proven to work excellently well when used as baits in iguana traps. The banana or mango to be used needs to be freshly cut and used while still in its succulent state in order for the best results to be achieved. The baits once placed in the traps should be placed strategically along the paths to be used by the iguanas as they move about in search of food.

Iguana Trap

The most effective and legal way of controlling the infestation of iguanas in your garden or home is the use of rightly picked traps that help you get rid of the reptiles before they grow in numbers and cause havoc in your home. Prior information on available types of traps is important if you are to make the right purchase that will serve your needs in the best way.  In our four year experience as iguana removal Miami experts, here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we have had the opportunity of trying out various types and models of traps and therefore we advise on the use of the following suggested traps.


  1. The Havarhat 1085 trap; This model of the Havarhat trap is manufactured with two doors on both sides of the trap to allow the capture of the iguana from any of the side that it may be coming from. Here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers we have had the opportunity to use this model in our iguana removal Miami procedures and can thus attest to the efficiency of the trap. The existence of doors on either side of the trap enables the easy retrieval of the iguanas once they have been trapped in it. An added advantage of using the trap is that the safety of the trap operator is guaranteed as they cannot snap their fingers that easily.


  1. The Havarhat 1079 trap; this has got the approval of many iguana trappers in and around Miami. It is the most preferred type of trap when trapping iguanas and the fact that it can be used both when baited and when not baited is a great advantage to anyone using it. The trap can be placed in one of the most commonly used routes by the iguana and they can walk straight into it and the door behind the iguana will close and thus trapping it. The trap has been praised by many due to the ease with which it can be set up.

Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we are concerned about the welfare of our clients and we, therefore, advise that before one embarks on the mission of trapping an iguana, they have prior knowledge of the legislation governing such and also on the safety precautions to be taken in order to avoid injury.

Iguana Control

One of the surest ways to guard your home against any infestation by iguanas is to ensure that they do not come into your garden and they do not find a reason to stay in it. Our vast experience in iguana removal Miami has proven the following iguana control techniques when used in the right way, they deliver good results;

  1. Habitat Modification

Habitat modification refers to all the procedures that one can employ to ensure that the iguanas feel uncomfortable in the environment they are in and thus force them to move away. The clearing of bushes and other thickets that may serve as a cover for the iguanas is one sure way of ensuring that they do feel uncomfortable and they seek a way out of that environment. Filling of the burrows dug by iguanas also drives them away as they feel insecure in that environment.

  1. Use of exclusion techniques

Exclusion of iguanas from your garden or home can easily be achieved through not feeding the iguanas whenever they appear. The act of feeding these reptiles tempts them to return each time if not enticing them to create a habitat in your home. You can also use metal sheets to create barriers around your yard and put barriers at the base of trees and thus prevent the iguanas from climbing on the trees and creating a nesting ground in the trees.



Iguana Removal Services Near Me

Many Residents of Miami happen to be victims of iguana invasions in their homes and they would like to acquire the services of iguana removal Miami companies but do not know how to get them and where to get them.  We may not have total control on the invasions of iguanas into our homes due to the tropical climate of Florida being the main attractor for these reptiles but one thing we can do is that we can remedy the problem.  Iguanas are very destructive by nature and if left unchecked one could incur huge fees in terms of repairs due to damage on the landscape.

When looking for an iguana removal company, one needs to strictly scrutinize their professional capacity to handle the iguana problem that they are facing. Not all pest control firms also offer iguana removal services and therefore it is important that one inquires thoroughly about the firm’s expertise. Failure to do this results in shoddy jobs being done and the iguanas making a re-entry into the property soon after the removal has been done.  We as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers rank as the best iguana removal firm in the entire city of Miami and the state of Florida at large.  We can be trusted to grant you the best client experience should you opt to outsource our iguana removal services.

As the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we pride our self in being among the most experienced firms in the market having been in existence for the past 4 years and thus we are the most qualified company to handle any of your iguana removal needs. Our service delivery policy is geared at making sure that you do not have to stress yourself due to the invasion of iguanas in your home ever again. Reach out to us through our contact lines (877) 741-7703, (561) 508-3109 or (877) 741-7703. Our offices are always open on 7040 Seminole Pratt Whitney Rd Ste. 25-122 Loxahatchee, FL 33470.

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