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Iguana Removal

Iguana Control Fort Lauderdale – Professional and Affordable

By September 1, 2017No Comments

The need to have custom tailored iguana control Fort Lauderdale services has seen the rise of Nuisance Wildlife Rangers as one among the most reliable firms here in Florida. This coupled up with the ever increasing threat of home invasions has put our firm as the best among all its peers.

How to Catch a Wild Iguana

Wild iguanas refer to those iguanas which had previously been domesticated but either escaped or were let loose by their owners when they could not keep up with their feeding demands. These iguanas need special iguana control Fort Lauderdale focus as they can become a great nuisance if not checked against. It is thus important that should one be on your premises, you catch it immediately. To catch a wild iguana, the only thing that one needs is heavy gloves which are necessary for avoiding bites and scratches from the reptiles. Hold the reptile firmly to the ground by the back of its neck and its tail and then move it to a lockable box.

Iguana Poison

Iguana poison can easily be accessed in many of the pesticide stores found around Florida. These poisons are known to kill the iguanas immediately when used as iguana control Fort Lauderdale methods. One important thing to know however is this, that the use of iguana poison is an illegal method of iguana control here in Florida and if found guilty one can be imprisoned. This is because iguanas are protected by the anti cruelty laws stipulated by the Animal Department in Florida.

How to Get Rid of Iguanas in the Garden

Getting rid of iguanas is an easy iguana control Fort Lauderdale task that can be achieved through the use of traps. Trapping is known to be very effective in iguana pest control and it significantly reduces the population of iguanas. The traps need to be set in those areas that the iguanas have been seen making roams in the garden as they are bound to keep using those same routes. The traps will then need to be checked from time to time to see if any iguana has been trapped by them.

Iguana Control Fort Lauderdale Bait

Iguana control through the use of traps can only be effective if the traps are coupled with the right bait. The right bait in this regard will have to be plant based since iguanas are herbivores. The iguanas are known to be particularly attracted to fruits such as mangoes and bananas due to their sweet scent and bright colors. Using a piece of either plant has been known to work well in ensnaring the iguanas into the laid trap and thus enabling the easy capture of them.

Our policy, here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, is that of excellence in service delivery to ensure that each and every one of our clients that seek our services have their needs well satisfied and they get value for their money. We are ranked as the best iguana control Fort Lauderdale company here in Florida and our track record speaks for itself.

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