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Iguana Removal

How Iguana Pest Control is Done Professionally

By September 1, 2017March 27th, 2024No Comments

Iguanas have invaded homes here in Florida and have become the source of endless nightmares for many home owners who have now resulted in various iguana pest control measures in order to get rid of this menace. The iguanas are known to be attracted to Florida due to its warm tropical climate.

How to Catch an Iguana in the House

The thought of having an iguana in your house is one that is terrifying and can easily lead to someone becoming paranoid. But we here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers being experts in iguana pest control, we advise you to be calm and follow our guidelines on how to catch it before it causes damage. Wear heavy gloves and approach the iguana without it having sight of you, hold it firmly by its tail and the back of its neck. You will need to hold firm as the iguana is bound to try and make an escape.

How to Get Rid of Iguanas in the Garden

Iguanas get attracted to our gardens if they give them the promise of adequate feed and a good habitat. Of major importance though is the habitat since this will determine whether the iguanas are going to breed and increase in numbers or not. As a method of iguana pest control, ensure to clear away any shrubs that may provide a hiding place for the iguanas. One should also clear away any rubbles such as a pile of stones that may provide a good habitat for the iguanas.

Iguana Repellent

There are many products on the market, here in Florida, that are put forward as iguana repellents and are being said to be effective in iguana pest control. One thing to note though as a home owner and victim of iguana invasion is that these products offer no guarantee of efficiency. They normally are good for use in the short term since in the long term, the iguanas start relating the smell of the repellents with the availability of food. This will only leave you with a worse problem than the one that already was in existence in your home before using the repellents.

Iguana Pest Control Cost

Iguana removal costs have been the topic of discussion by many home owners here in Florida who are looking for efficient iguana control methods. This is because there are companies here in Florida which are only after making a kill through charging exorbitant pest removal fees. For a home owner who is looking for the best bargain in regards to iguana removal, our company the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers offer the most affordable prices.

We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers pride our self as the number one iguana pest control company here in Florida and our vast experience of four years speaks highly of us as a company. Call us today to access the most reliable iguana removal service from our highly trained experts.

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