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Iguana Removal

Iguana Control Cost Florida

By September 1, 2017March 27th, 2024No Comments

Iguanas have become one terrible nuisance here in Florida which has led to many home owners and residents crying foul over the damage being experienced in their homes. The iguanas have been the cause of destruction to many gardens and collapsing of sea walls thus the need to have a professional removal company that charges affordable iguana control cost.

Iguana Removal Cost

Iguana control cost has become an issue of major concern due to the high demand of iguana removal services. This has also been fuelled by the presence of many unregulated firms which promise big returns on iguana removal but really end up disappointing. These said companies also seek to make a kill out of the desperation of home owners to access the services. It is therefore important for home owners to be critical of the services that are being offered to them. The capacity of each firm needs to be scrutinized to see if it meets the standard.

How to Keep Iguanas Away

Keeping iguanas away using homemade solutions is an effective way of avoiding the possibility of incurring exorbitant iguana control cost. There are simple methods that people can put to use to help them achieve this. Top among them is the use of hose pipes to spray the iguanas with water. The sound of gushing water scares iguanas and they make a dash when sprayed with water from a hose pipe. It is therefore important and highly recommended as an effective iguana removal method, to have a hose pipe handy in your garden.

Iguana Trap

Use of iguana traps has been proven to be a very efficient method of controlling the population of iguanas significantly. The use of these traps also helps to ensure that one does not incur the expensive iguana control cost. Traps to be used need to be such that they are easy to use, are sizeable and very economical at the same time. With this regard, we here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers advice on the use of Havarhat traps that are very affordable and have a reputation for being very efficient.

Iguana Control Cost – How to Catch a Wild Iguana

A wild iguana in most instances will be an iguana which had previously been domesticated but escaped or was released by its lazy owner who could not keep up with its feeding demands. These iguanas need to be captured promptly if one is to avoid incurring iguana control cost due to the destruction the iguanas may cause. These iguanas should however not be regarded as being docile, tough conditions in the wild might have made it turn feral and thus caution should be taken. The best way to capture a wild iguana is by ensnaring it into a cage trap by use of a good bait like a piece of mango. Place the tap before the iguana and once inside lock it up.

Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Ranges, we care for the welfare of all our clients and thus have highly trained experts that will help you deal with the iguana problem in your home.

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