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Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is a professional iguana removal company servicing all of Florida. We offer iguana removal in Boca Raton, as well as iguana removal in Fort Lauderdale. Iguana control costs can vary as every job is different from residential to commercial. If you need a free estimate call (877) 741-7703 to speak to an iguana removal specialist to discuss the iguana removal cost. Your Nuisance Wildlife Rangers professional iguana removal specialist will work with you to solve your iguana problem. Call now and we will come out today!

We offer the following iguana control methods, iguana trapping, iguana snaring, and catching the iguanas by hand if necessary. We also offer iguana deterrent methods such as iguana repellents, and iguana deterents. Whatever you problem, we have solutions to your iguana problems whether its a commercial job or a residential job.

We remove 1,000s of iguanas from homes in Florida each year, eliminating the problem at affordable rates. Every job is different so we offer  a free iguana removal inspection and free estimate for getting rid of iguanas.

How to Trap An Iguana

You may think that having an Iguana for a pet sounds like fun, but beware they are very aggressive and very territorial by nature, and they breed like crazy. They can vary in size up to six feet. They can be a danger to small animals like dogs and cats, as well as a danger to young children should they get too close to the iguanas, which has large teeth as well  as they have saliva with bacteria that can cause infection.

The Right Trap For An Iguana

There are two main types of traps and the first one is the snare trap. Iguana snare traps are easy to set and easy to catch the iguanas but can be harmful to the iguana because they can keep pulling to get away from the snare and squeeze themself to death. Another option that is less harmful but maybe less effective if not used correctly is the  iguana cage trap. The cage can be placed in the walking path of the iguana and place bait in the trap such as cat food or dog food and may cause the iguana to go into the cage and triggering the cage to close, thus trapping the iguana.

Removing A Trapped Iguana

The state of Florida has outlawed releasing green iguanas back into the wild because they are very problematic and breed like crazy. Anyone that does catch a green iguana needs to take the iguana to a state facility to be put to sleep in the long term sense if you know what we mean.

Iguana Removal in Boca Raton

The main concentration of iguanas are in warm climates with lots of vegetation and rain that is conducive for iguanas to flourish and this are is called Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale. The temperature in these areas is perfect for the green iguana to live. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers offers iguana removal services in Boca Raton, and iguana control services in Boca Raton  by offering: iguana snaring, iguana repellents, iguana deterrents, and our monthly iguana control service. For iguana removal service and iguana control service in Boca Raton call (877) 741-7703.

Iguana Removal in Fort Lauderdale

Just like iguana removal in boca raton, we offer iguana removal in Fort Lauderdale. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers has professional iguana trappers standing by in Fort Lauderdale to get rid of your iguana problem once and for all. We offer iguana removal for commercial properties as well as iguana removal for residential properties. For iguana removal service and iguana control service in Boca Raton call (877) 741-7703.

How to Keep Iguanas Away

The best method to use in iguana control which will help you avoid exorbitant iguana control cost is by iguana proofing your home. Iguana proofing can easily be done by use of screen sheets that will prevent the entry of iguanas into your home. As a home owner, secure the base of trees in your garden by wrapping it with wire mesh around it. Leave about 15 inches between the wire mesh and the base of the trees, this will prevent the climbing of the iguanas onto the trees.

Iguana Trap

Trapping of iguanas is an efficient method of controlling the surge of their population on your garden and at the same time, it also helps you to avoid incurring iguana removal price. Trapping of iguanas is an easy task if the right procedures are followed to ensure the task is completed. Choose a sizeable trap that will fit the iguana that you intend to trap. Failure to do this will result in you harming the iguana and your results were unsatisfactory. Place the trap in that area which the iguana has been spotted loitering around and leave it there for some time while checking it regularly.

Iguana Removal Cost Bait

The best result of trapping an iguana can be achieved if one uses the trap with correctly chosen bait and this will, in the long run, enable you to avoid incurring iguana removal cost.  Picking the right bait for use has proven to be a challenge to many iguana trappers. This is because many people assume iguanas to be carnivores when in the real sense they are herbivores. The use of plant based bait will help your trap work the best way. Iguanas are known to be particularly attracted to fruits such as bananas and mangoes and thus their use can be effective.

How to Get Rid of Iguanas in Your Garden

Iguanas will come to your garden in search of feed and a hiding place and thus the best way to get rid of them and avoid incurring iguana control cost is by controlling these two factors. Ensure that you do not feed the iguanas and that no leftovers are present in your garden, leftovers serve as a source of food for the reptiles.  The second method would be to fill their burrows so that they have nowhere to live. This can be done best in the afternoon when the iguanas are out basking in the sun.

Iguana removal is a specialty that our company, the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers has taken upon to perfect. We offer the most affordable iguana removal cost here in Florida and thus rank as the best go-to firm.

How Do You Keep Iguanas Away?

Get rid of areas where iguanas can create a home like big brushy areas. Make sure to cover and fill all holes and burrows that you find such as sidewalks or under AC vents where iguanas can create a den. Do not leave any openings where iguanas can thrive.

Can I Kill An Iguana in Florida?

The state of Florida has made it illegal for citizens to carry firearms and pellet rifles in cities without a permit. Shooting iguanas is a tough job as they are fast and are small targets to shoot at. Some of the best ways to catch an iguana is too trap an iguana, or snare an iguana, or use iguana repellent.

Boca Raton Iguana Removal Updates

The local news on boca raton exterminator experts suggest that the growing problem of iguanas is a growing concern in Boca Raton with local trappers. In the Cayman Islands the green iguana population grew from 127,660 in 2014 to more than 400,000 last year according to the Sun Sentinel. Boca Raton wildlife removal experts agree that its time to get rid of the iguana problems. Everyone is complaining about the need for iguana removal in Boca Raton and iguana removal in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale exerminating companies mention that people have problems with their pools and their gardens as the
iguanas are taking over. Calls for iguana removal are increasing according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife. Fort Lauderdale pest control companies need to understand the dramatic population growth of the green iguana and understand that there are more calls coming from agitated homeowners. Solutions that exist for iguana removal and iguana control in Boca Raton are iguana repellents, iguana traps, iguana snares, iguana rid which is a form of pesticide that gets rid of the iguanas quickly. Iguana exterminating companies like Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are working overtime to help control the growing iguana population. In the Florida Keys over 600 iguanas have been removed according to the Sun Sentinel and Floridas Department of Environmental Protection.

Fort Lauderdale Iguana Removal Updates

Iguanas are a growing problem. Females can lay up to 30 eggs per year. The major problems are their aggressive behavior, they eat all the vegetation in your yard, and most importantly they defecate all of your home and property. They are carriers of salmonella, and can be dangerous to other animals. Some solutions to getting rid of iguanas involve not planting the vegetation that they like to eat.

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