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Peacock Removal Florida by the Experts

By August 30, 2017No Comments

Florida state has seen a rise in incidences of disturbance in homes due to an increase in the number of peacocks that have set about to cause havoc and rob many home owners of the peace in their homes. The rise in these incidences of disturbance has led to there being a need to have professional peacock removal Florida services.

How to Scare Away Peacocks

Peacocks require no special skill if one is to scare them away. These birds though being the cause of great disturbance, they are also known to be very easy to control and thus making peacock removal Florida an easy task that can be undertaken by anyone. In order to scare peacocks away, one needs to make the peacocks feel threatened by the possibility of being attacked by predatory birds like hawks and thus purchasing hawk kites and installing them around your home works efficiently in scaring peacocks away from your home.

Peacock Removal Florida from Cars

Peacocks have a sickening tendency of perching on cars and causes scratches to the car bodies which become costly in terms of repainting the cars again. It has been known that peacocks attack their reflection in the cars because they assume them to be rival males that are after their territories. The failure of these reflections to fight back makes the birds become agitated and they go berserk. As an effective peacock removal Florida method, we advise that car owners use car covers or if not, the cars should be parked in an area that has been sealed off using wire mesh.

How to Keep Peacocks off My Porch

Peacocks are attracted to our porches and therefore as an effective peacock removal Florida method, it is important that you know how to get rid of them from the porch. What attracts the pea fowls to the porch are leftovers of both pet and animal food. It is necessary thus that after you feed your pet or have your own meal, you clear away all leftovers that the peacocks my want to feed on later. Failure to do this will lead to the pea fowls remaining perched there in the expectation that more feed will come their way.

Peacock Removal Florida Traps

Trapping a peacock proves to be the most efficient peacock removal Florida method to control the population of this poultry and also to get rid of their disturbance from your home or garden. You will need to pick a sizeable trap that will enable you to capture the peacock without causing injury to it in the case that it has a long train. Ensnare it by using cereal grains and pollen grains from flowers as bait. A little effort may have to be put in to ensure that you direct the bird towards the trap if it becomes problematic.

Here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we endeavor to be a one roof service company that provides you with the best quality services when it comes to peacock removal. Call us today to get help from our experts.

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