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Peacock Removal- How to Trap a Peacock

By August 30, 2017No Comments

The rise in nuisance in homes due to the presence of peacocks here in Florida has led to many of the home owners looking for appropriate peacock removal-how to trap a peacock methods that will work for them. In this article, we as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers take you through a few guides on how to achieve this.

How to Get Rid of Peacocks in My Yard

Having peacocks in your yard can be termed as the worst nightmare that as a home owner you can ever have. The noise that is made by these birds whenever they roost can lead to insomnia and their tendency to feed on flowers can derail all your efforts to make your garden beautiful. It is thus important to know a few things about peacock removal-how to trap a peacock techniques that will enable you to get rid of this mess. Installing sprinklers in the yard helps to make the peacocks feel uncomfortable and forces them to relocate away from your yard.

Peacock Removal Traps

Peacock removal-how to trap a peacock can easily be achieved with the use of the right sized trap coupled with the know-how of trapping the birds. We as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are experienced in this field and advise our clients to set up the traps in the yard where the bird has been spotted. Bait it by use of cereal grains and ensnare the bird into getting into the trap. Care should be taken not to agitate the bird as in the process it could cause harm through flapping its wings and slapping with its train.

How to Get Peacocks off My Car

Peacock removal-how to trap a peacock can become a nightmare where a car is involved. This is because the male peacocks tend to fight their own reflection in the car which they deem to be rival males that are after their territory. Failure by the reflection to respond agitates the bird and it becomes very violent.  The best way to prevent such a scenario is to ensure that all parking areas are shielded by use of wire mesh that will keep away the birds from the cars. Using car covers also proves to be efficient.

What Kills Peacocks?

For most of the people, after being frustrated at the failure of all their efforts of peacock removal-how to trap a peacock. They normally result to killing the bird. There are many ways out there that can be used to kill the bird.  One thing to note however is that these birds are protected under the anti cruelty laws stipulated by the Florida Animal Department. This, therefore, means that killing of peacocks can and will earn you some jail time.

Our company, the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is committed to helping all Florida residents overcome the problem of peacocks invading their homes and gardens. We have four-year experience in this field and thus rank as the most experienced firm in handling peacock invasion problems. We guarantee you quality service always.

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