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Professional Peacock Removal Miami

By August 30, 2017No Comments

Pea fowls as they are commonly referred to here in Florida have recently risen among the ranks to be regarded as nuisance birds that now require the intervention of professional peacock removal Miami experts. This is because the noise they cause and damages to gardens when they feed on flowers is something that many home owners are now crying foul over.

What Kills Peacocks?

Many home owners after being frustrated by many episodes of attacks on their gardens and cars by the pea fowls have contemplated killing them as a way of dealing with this menace. One thing that is important to know as a home owner or a victim of their invasion is that killing as a method of peacock removal Miami is illegal. Peacocks are protected under anti cruelty laws that are laid down by the Animal Department in Florida. Alternative methods of dealing with the peacocks have to be sought and thus killing them can land you in jail for animal cruelty.

How to Trap a Peacock

Trapping as a method of peacock removal Miami has been known to work efficiently and thus we here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers we recommend the use of it. In order to trap a peacock, one needs to have a sizeable trap that will be able to accommodate the bird more so if it happens to have a long train. Bait the trap by use of cereal grains or any other pollen grains. You will need to shoo the bird towards the trap in some instances when it becomes troublesome.

Peacock Removal Scarer

Peacock scarers refer to devices that can be used to deter the birds from making an entry into your home or garden. The peacock scarers can vary from simple rotating cups that make unpleasant sounds which scare the bird away or even scarecrows which are very common in very many homes around here in Florida. The scarers have to be placed in areas that the birds will be able to sight them immediately they try to access the home or garden. Use of peacock scarers as a peacock removal Miami method proves to be efficient if used just temporarily.

How to Keep Peacocks off My Porch

Peacocks will be attracted to your porch in search of feed and for us pet owners who tend to feed our pets on the porch, we can be attracting the peacocks to our homes without knowing it. The peacocks will feed on the leftovers of the pet food and remain there in the expectation that they will be fed again. As an effective peacock removal Miami method, ensure that you clear away all pet food after feeding the pets in your porch.

We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we are a professional animal removal company that is committed to enabling each home owner in Florida to get off their peacock problem. We have a vast experience of four years serving the residents of Florida and thus are your number peacock removal company.

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