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Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Control Boca Raton

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Here in Boca Raton, rodents are a common scenario and raccoons ranks as the most sighted of all these rodents. These animals have been the cause of a lot of havoc in many homes and the continued nuisance caused by their presence has brought about the need to have raccoon control Boca Ratoservices that can help the residents restore the beauty of their homes after it has been destroyed by the raccoons. This article is meant to serve you with the knowledge that will help you know how to handle raccoons.

Raccoons are attracted to our attics due to the dark conditions in it which provide the best conditions for them to thrive in. Thus in your raccoon control Boca Raton efforts, the attic needs to be the first scene of a crime that you focus your attention on. Raccoons prefer the attic because in most cases, they are never inspected and thus the raccoons do not feel threatened and can thus go about their captivities without fearing anything. This, however, is not a good sign for you as a homeowner and you need to do something to make them feel uncomfortable and make them want to move out of the attic. For a start, you can decide to make noises for the raccoons in the attic by use of a loudspeaker. This will make the raccoons feel unsettled and thus will want to leave and seek another place to stay. In addition to loud noises that are made by the speaker, you can also decide to introduce a light bulb in the attic. This light bulb is sure to make the attic inhabitable to the raccoons. Like has been mentioned, raccoons prefer dark places and thus any place that is lit will make them feel uncomfortable.

Your next point of focus in raccoon control Boca Raton should be the yard. Raccoons like all other rodents are prone to digging burrows in the ground in order to create their habitats. You need to take it upon yourself to identify each and every one of these burrows and fill them one by one by either use of stones or concrete. You will, however, need to remove the raccoon from the burrow first before taking any action that will involve filling the burrow. Inspect the burrow to see if it has in it any young raccoons. These ones should ones should be gotten rid of in a humane in manner. Be careful not to move the young ones in the full view of the mother raccoon as this may anger it and make it want to attack you.  In order to control raccoons effectively, make sure you seal all entry points along your fence to prevent the raccoons from going into your yard. The material used in sealing these holes should be such that it cannot be nibbled through by the raccoons in their attempt to get into your yard. Use wire mesh or iron sheets to make this work.  If you can afford it, an electric fence works just as effective in controlling the raccoons as it harasses them whenever they come in contact with it and thus will want to stay away from your yard.

Sanitation should be your next point of focus in raccoon control Boca Raton efforts.  Rodents such as raccoons are commensal animals that have come to depend partly on human beings for their survival and thus the identify with human settlements as a source of food that they can capitalize on. Raccoons will feed on any form of leftovers be it pet or human food. This will, therefore, mean that you need to be quite concerned about the presence of leftovers in your house as well as in your yard. Take time to always clean after each meal. Clear the tables and kitchen counters and keep any leftover meals in airtight containers that are kept from the reach of raccoons in fridges and cupboards. Once the pets have been fed, you also need to clear away the leftover pet food to deny the raccoons a source of food. In this regard also you will need to frequently empty your garbage cans and keep them at some distance away from your house. Drain any stagnant waters that may provide the raccoons with a watering point when thirsty. Be especially critical of the bathroom and kitchen floors which are some of the areas in the house where this is a common scenario.

The other alternative which is just as effective in the control of raccoons is the use of traps. Traps used to capture raccoons need to be set up in places that the raccoons have been spotted frequenting such as their watering point. This will to some extent demand that you take some time to observe the behavior of the raccoons and know their movements. To set up the trap, bait them by use of a food that may entice the raccoon such as a piece of meat. Bid on your time and then check on the trap from time to time to check on its progress. In case any raccoon has been trapped, make sure to release it carefully to avoid any injury to the raccoon which is most likely enraged after being trapped. Raccoon bites can cause rabies and thus you need to be very wary of this. Getting an anti-rabies jab helps you to have the confidence to handle the raccoons without having to worry much about them causing any bites and infecting you with a disease. If a raccoon has been trapped, it is important that it be released as soon as possible in order to allow the trap to be set up once again and be used to trap another raccoon.

The above-suggested methods have proven to be effective in raccoon control Boca Raton if adhered to the letter. In case your raccoon problem escalates even after implementing the above measures, then it is time to call in raccoon removal experts t help you handle the situation.


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