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Iguana Removal

Local Iguana Removal Service Near Me by the Pros

By August 24, 2017No Comments

Iguanas scare most people due to their appearance. Most homeowners do not how to handle iguana and this is why we offer professional iguana removal service in Florida. This is our specialty and we have the right techniques to trap the iguanas and we will not harm them. Over the years we have gotten rid of so many iguanas from a number of homes. We have the best methods to ensure that your property is free from any iguanas.

The beauty of working with a professional company is that you will get the best experts and besides having the iguanas removed, we will ensure that they will never come back to your property. You stand to enjoy so much with expert iguana removal services that we offer.

How To Catch Iguanas In Florida

While in some instances iguanas may appear to be appealing and one may be tempted to have them as pets, they can be quite a nuisance. They can grow all the way up to 6 feet and weigh as heavy as 20 pounds, or even more. You need to allow the experts to catch iguanas through professional iguana removal service. When you attempt to catch them on your own, they can bite you with their large jaws and this can be quite painful and even cause some health hazards. Do not get too close to the iguana, even if they appear to be harmless; when you spot any in your home, give a call right away.

Iguana Control Miami

Iguana control in Miami requires some level of expertise. There are a number of DIY methods that have been propagated, but most of them do not work effectively. In most cases, you will be told to catch the iguana, you need to set up a snare trap. This is understandable because it is easy to use and seems to be accurate. Unfortunately, these traps may end up being fatal. Our iguana removal service entails setting the right traps and handling the iguanas with our hands. This is effective and does not harm these pests. You should not worry about removing iguanas on your own; give us a call and we will happy to help out.

How To Catch A Wild Iguana

There is a whole difference between a pest controller and an animal trapper. Pest controllers will often want to get rid of iguanas by killing them. We are animal trappers and as such, we will use cage traps to catch wild iguanas. Due to our high level of experience, we will place the traps strategically such that we will be able to catch the iguanas without much of a struggle.

How to Keep Iguanas Away

Here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, our objective is not only to provide iguana removal service but also ensure that the iguanas do not come back. As such, we will seal all possible loopholes that iguanas us as entry points. We will also ensure that your property is not a conducive environment for the iguanas. 

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