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Iguana Removal

methods of iguana removal in west palm beach that totally work

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Iguanas are very adorable animals, their docile nature and beautiful exotic appearance sway the hearts of many a pet lovers. But despite these creatures being adorable and providing one with that great feeling of owning a pet, they can be destructive creatures if left to roam freely or if they exist in the wild. Here in West Palm Beach, they are regarded as nuisance animals due to their destructive tendencies and their presence is not highly appreciated especially by home owners who have well-tended lawns.  These herbivores are known to cause unlimited havoc to landscaping in gardens and they are also feared due to their bites and disease transmission.

The rise in incidences of home invasions by iguanas has led to an increase in the demand for iguana removal West Palm Beach experts to handle the situation. Here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers provide the best iguana removal West Palm Beach services.

How to Get Rid of Iguanas in Your Garden      

The one place that is most prone to invasion by iguanas is the garden. Iguanas are herbivores by nature and are therefore attracted to areas with vegetation that can serve as food to them. One thing to note about iguanas is that they require a lot of food for their survival so should it happen that iguanas invade your garden, be sure that they will cause a lot of damage to your vegetation. Most of the iguanas that invade your garden are those that had previously been petted by people and either they escaped or the owners decided to just release them into the open because they could not keep up with the demands of feeding them. Such iguanas are naturally not harmful and thus do not pose any immediate threat but upon feeling threatened they can be dangerous as they can bite you and this may require you to get stitches. Such case scenarios are the ones that require the intervention of professional iguana removal West Palm Beach experts like we here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers who can best handle the iguana problem for you. With our vast experience in the field of iguana removal West Palm Beach, we at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers suggest the following home remedies that one can put into use to ensure you get rid of iguanas in your garden;

  1. Try to fill all burrows that you find in your garden. This is done most preferably during the day when the iguanas are away.
  2. Clear away any leftover food in your garden or open bins that may serve as additional food source for the iguanas.
  3. Make your garden friendlier to predators such as hawks that will feed on the iguanas. This can be done by enticing the predators to your garden.

Iguana Removal Cost

Iguana removal is a process that is best done by a professional iguana removal West Palm Beach company which has the right capacity to handle the iguana problem in your home. Many iguana removal companies have cropped up all over and with the current economic times, it is best that one chooses an iguana removal West Palm Beach company such as us, the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers. We offer the most affordable and most efficient iguana removal services in town.  Our iguana removal package offers you the guarantee that the iguanas will not only be exterminated from your home but that chances of their return will be eliminated.  We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers can be trusted to offer you value for your money in terms of the service that we provide to you.

The payment plans offered by us here at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers rank among the most flexible and convenient in the current market and with us, you can rest assured that you won’t have to go through the hustle and bustle of making your payment.

The prices that we charge as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are inclusive of tax and also cover any follow-up activities that may be required at your home in order to rid you off any iguana problem. Trust us, the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers to offer you services that will satisfy you fully and that will give you the satisfaction of having spent your money well.

Iguana Removal Services Near Me

Residents of West Palm Beach have for long had to deal with the menace of iguana invasions into their homes. These iguanas have been the source of many complaints by residents of West Palm Beach. The iguanas are most attracted to the area due to its rich climate that supports the growth of vegetation that serves as food for these iguanas.  It can well be said that the iguana infestation problem in West Palm Beach is simply unavoidable but this does not mean that the same situation is untamable.  The existence of professional iguana removal West Palm Beach companies offers the hope of redemption from this menace to the many home owners that have fallen victim to the infestation of their gardens and homes by these iguanas.

When looking for an iguana removal West Palm Beach company, it is important to look into their profile and know their level of expertise, the number of years spent in the industry which also tells you a thing or two about their experience handling the iguana problem that you may be faced with. The range of services offered by the iguana removal company is also an indicator of the company’s level of specialization and it can give you an idea or two about how the company can best handle your iguana infestation problem.

We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers pride our self as the best company in iguana removal West Palm Beach and we offer the most excellent services to any of our clients that may be in need of iguana removal services. Our services are available for offering on our contact lines (877) 741-7703, (877) 741-7703 and (561) 508-3109. Our offices are also open during working hours and are located on 7040 Seminole Pratt Whitney Rd Ste. 25-122 Loxahatchee, FL 33470.




How to Catch a Wild Iguana

The thought of handling a reptile will definitely freak some of us out and this feeling just gets worse if it’s a wild reptile. But there are those instances that we may be faced with that will just force us to handle these iguanas in their wild nature and here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers we hope to equip you with the right knowledge on how to appropriately catch a wild iguana should you happen to be in the presence of one or should it happen to come into your home. Our vast experience in iguana removal West Palm Beach has proven that the following steps when followed carefully will help you catch a wild iguana without much difficulty;

  1. Identify the location; the first and most important step is to identify exactly where the targeted iguana is at the moment that you want to catch it.
  2. Safety equipment; ensure that you have gloves on that will guard you against bites from the iguana’s sharp teeth.
  3. Get into position; move stealthily towards the iguana and ensure that you stand at some safe distance from it. It is advisable to approach the iguana from its rear side in order to caution against agitating the reptile
  4. Catch the iguana; Lower your hands towards the iguana and grab it by the back of its neck using one hand and the other hand should hold on to the iguana’s body.
  5. Cage the iguana; lift the iguana gently and place it carefully in a cage or lockable container that is well aerated and give us a call at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers to assist you with the relocation of the iguana.

Caution should be taken when catching a wild iguana as it can cause harm through biting when agitated, iguana removal West Palm Beach is best handled by us at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers.

Iguana Trap 

One of the most effective ways of controlling the infestation of your home or garden against iguanas is the use of traps to put a check on the growth and movement activities of these reptiles. But before going to purchase and then going ahead to install a trap in your home or garden, it is best that you have some information about the best type of trap to use and how best to use it. We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers are highly experienced in iguana removal West Palm Beach and as a company, we advise on the use of the following traps;

  1. The Havarhat 1079 trap; this is one among the most frequently used traps in the process of iguana trapping and as a company we have used it in trapping iguanas in our clients’ homes and gardens. The trap can be used both when baited and even when not baited. It is best placed on the entry and exit points used by iguanas and they can walk straight into it then immediately the door closes behind them locking them in. The success rate recorded in using this trap ensures that even the most amateur of iguana trappers can be able to trap the reptile when placed strategically.
  1. The Havarhat 1085 trap; This version of the Havarhat trap has two doors on either side of the trap and thus enables easy retrieval of the iguana once it has been trapped. The most outstanding advantage of using this model of the Havarhat trap is that the safety of the trap operator is guaranteed and their hand cannot get snapped in the processing of setting or operating the trap.

We at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers caution our clients against the handling of trapped animals without prior safety measures as a trapped iguana can cause injuries through bites.

Iguana Bait 

A good iguana trap can only be put to optimum use if coupled up with the right bait that will attract the iguanas to want to get near the trap in order for it to work. As stated earlier, iguanas are herbivores and as such, they feed on vegetation. Here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, owing to our vast experience in iguana removal West Palm Beach, advice that our clients chose a plant based bait when seeking to trap iguanas. These are proven to work best in trapping the iguanas.

Iguanas are known to love fruits, specifically mangoes and bananas and these two fruits work very well when used as baits to trap the iguanas with. The piece of fruit needs to be freshly cut and placed in the trap when still in its succulent state. Spreading a few peels of the same around the trap helps to get the iguana attracted to the bait and on reaching for it, they get trapped. In addition to using the right bait in a good trap, it is important that the trap be placed in a convenient place that is commonly used by the iguana whether it is going in or out of the home or one of its burrows. For the best advice on how to set traps and baits correctly, give us a call at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers and we will advise you on how to use them and thus enable you to get rid of your iguana problem before it becomes a nuisance. In the case of any difficulties, here at Nuisance Wildlife Rangers we offer trap setting services and will be of help to you.

We as the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers have 4 years experience in iguana removal and we rank top of all other companies when it comes to efficient and reliable service delivery. Give us a call today to have your iguana infestation problem taken care of.

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