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Rat Removal

Bonita Springs Palm Rats Removal

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get rid of ratsPalm rats are also commonly referred to as roof rats. They are black in color and grow up to about three to eight inches, have big ears and a long and pointy tail. These palm rats have a penchant for citrus fruits. They destroy the fruit by boring a hole in the middle and hollowing out the fruit. This can get very bothersome as they ruin the good fruit.

Palm Rats in Florida

Florida has both Norway rats and fruit rats. The former are brown in color and eat a variety of foodstuff. The fruit rats, on the other hand, eat seeds, tree barks, plant materials, and citrus fruit. Bonita Springs palm rats are a nuisance and ought to be removed from people’s compounds. The most efficient way to do this is to get an extermination service. Roof rats are mostly nocturnal creatures that nest in these trees, in dense vegetation, and in wood piles. During the day they can be found outdoors in trees and plants.

Getting Rid of Roof Rats

This is very important. Having rats has many implications. The disadvantages of having rats in your house or compound can only be addressed by eliminating the Bonita Springs fruit rats from the vicinity. Some of the damage inflicted by these rats includes:

  • Spreading diseases by biting or by urinating and defecating on food
  • Building damage; This is because rats often undermine the structure of the building as they burrow through and near the foundation
  • They gnaw on everything from upholstery to electric wires

How To Get Rid of Bonita Springs Palm Rats

Bonita Springs palm rats are easy to get rid of. There are a few measures that you need to put in place whether or not you are going to call a rat exterminator to deal with your problem.

  1. Space Your Trees

These rats often travel onto trees through adjacent trees and other buildings and structures. You ought to plant your trees away from other structure. This will prevent the rats from being able to access the fruit tree branches.

  1. Install a Guard

This is important to make your fruit tree inaccessible to rats. The guardrail should be all around the tree. Find a guard that it thick and tall. You need to use a metal or a plastic structure. That way, the rats cannot get it.

  1. Traps

It is illegal to place poison outside in Florida. In addition to this, poisoning rats is not a long-term solution. It also places you, your family and your pets in danger because rats contaminate food. The best and most humane solution is to get bait traps. Do not place them on the ground as you could end up baiting and trapping another rodent or animal. The traps should be set on tree branches where they are most effective and do not pose any danger to other animals.

Palm rats have their nests on palm trees. This is the source of their name. They are also commonly known as roof rats because they are good climbers. These rats can damage your fruit and vegetables if you have a garden. They also rummage through trash and chew through the roof down the sealants. When found indoors, these rats can chew through insulation and electricity cables, in addition to eating leftover food from the kitchen.

It is therefore important to get roof rat control because such damage, including chewing of cables, could be very disastrous, leading to fires and electric shorts. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers has the expertise to handle palm rats and other nuisance animals.

Do Rats Nest In Palm Trees?

When a rat infestation occurs, do not just rush to call anyone for West Palm Beach rat removal. There are people who do not have the slightest idea on how to go about the whole process of getting rid of the rats. If you are looking for a permanent solution, you should consider Nuisance Wildlife Rangers for rodent control.

With our level of expertise, this will be easier for us and you can be assured of excellent results. Our services are not only limited to the removal of the rats but also we will secure your home and repair the damage that has been caused by the rodents.

What Do Palm Rats Eat

The roof rat is the most common type of rat in Florida. In our years of experience in roof rat control, we come across the root rats most of the time. Generally, these rats brown or black in color and will have an average length of about 15 inches. They can be quite scary if you realized they are in your attic.

There are things that we do every other day, which will attract the rats to come into our home. In most cases, they will come to seek shelter and food, which they conveniently find. They feed on the garbage we throw around and then build nests in the attic or other parts of the house. Our palm rat control methods are humane and we will kill these rodents.

Do Rats Live In Palm Trees In Florida?

Like mentioned earlier, the success of rat trapping starts with the knowledge of the roof rats and understanding as much as you can. In barely 3 months, the roof rats are sexually mature and this is where the problem begins if you do not get rid of them right away. The gestation period is about 21 days and each rat can have up to 8 pups per birth, with the possibility of 6 births in a year.

Putting this into consideration, it means that a single female rat can have a generation of almost 1500 rats in a given year. This is the main reason why you should take up the rat trapping issue seriously so as to prevent this mess. Failure to act with speed will result in hundreds of rats in your house.

How Do You Get Rid Of Roof Rats?

The market has quite a number of products that can be used for rodent control. If you want to keep the rats out of your home and garden, you would need to establish which products seem to work in the right manner. There are some natural roof rat control products in the form of plants, which can be used to repel the rodents away.

Modern companies used the ultrasonic sound, which will help in getting rid of the rodents, without even touching them. The device produces high pitch sounds, which tend to irritate the rats and this causes them to flee from your house. Over and above, rat control products are so many, the question would be which one works effectively?

How Do I Get Rid Of Palm Rats In My Attic?

If you saw a roof rat in your attic, would you recognize it? They have pointed noses and very large ears. As a matter of fact, there are some people who mistake these rats for the House Mice. The adult rat has a body that is bigger than the head and feet, but the pups have heads and feet that are bigger the bodies.

The Roof rat has smooth far and to an extent, you may assume that they do not have any fur on their body, at all. They will grow to about 10 inches long and the weight is about 9 ounces.
The tail of the roof rats is actually longer than the whole body. Learning all these facts about the rodents is what makes roof rat extermination effective.

Palm Rat Droppings

You need to get roof rat control North Miami Beach FL once you have established that the signs of roof rats in your home are legitimate. The most obvious sign includes having rat droppings and urine in the house. The other obvious signs include: clawing on the floors and walls plus movement in the roof and in spaces which keeps you awake at night. Additionally, if you find unexplained food crumbs and half nibbled food, you definitely have some roof rats in the house.

When a rat infestation occurs, do not just rush to call anyone for West Palm Beach rat removal. There are people who do not have the slightest idea on how to go about the whole process of getting rid of the rats. If you are looking for a permanent solution, you should consider Nuisance Wildlife Rangers for rat control.

With our level of expertise, this will be easier for us and you can be assured of excellent results. Our services are not only limited to the removal of the rats but also we will secure your home and repair the damage that has been caused by the rodents.

Palm Rats Control

Palm rat control is not an easy task and it should be done by professional exterminators. When they get into your home, they will urinate and defecate anywhere and this can be a health hazard. Their droppings and urine carry some diseases that you should be wary of. When looking for a way out of the rat infestation is by working with an animal trapper. Pest control companies will only look for ways to kill the rats and in most cases, they will use poison. This is not a good option as you may end up with dead rats in your home.

A professional nuisance ranger will trap and relocate the rats from your home. The experts will also ensure that all the holes and cracks in your home are sealed such that the rats can never come back to your home. As such, when working with a rat control expert, you should find out the method that they intend to use. It is advisable to go for companies that will use humane trapping methods.

Palm Rats Florida

The roof rat is smaller than the Norway rat, as far as the size goes. It also has a longer tail and a more slender body that its Norway counterpart. The Roof rats us quite common in Parkland and when looking for technicians in roof rat control, you should be aware of various factors. From instance, you should know that it is also referred to as the black rat, ship rat, Alexandrine rat, and grey-bellied rat among other names.

These rats prefer the coastal regions and are well abled when it comes to passing through narrow ledges, climbing trees, and other places. There do not thrive in cold regions and this is what causes them to rush into your attic during cold seasons to seek shelter and warmth. The process of roof rat control aims at removing the rats and keeping them out of your building for good.

Get Rid Palm Rats

There are people who advocate for home remedies, as the ultimate solution for dealing with rats, but this is not accurate. The only way that you can succeed in this is when you know which products need to be used in roof rat control. For instance, studies indicate that the use of peppermint, kitty litter or ammonium would work perfectly in getting rid of rats and keeping them away.

These methods heavily rely on the smell that is emitted and at this will keep the rats away from your home. What you should know is that rat control does not stop at removing the rats, but also requires solutions to be able to keep the rats away from your home.

Palm Rats In Attic

Nuisance Wildlife Rangers provide modern and advanced Florida rat control. We have a team of professional experts in rat extermination and you can be guaranteed that they will resolve the problem in a very short period of time. We do not use trial and error since we are sure of what needs to be done.

Besides the removal, we will also offer exclusion services, which ensure that the rats stay out of your home for good. We will clean and disinfect your home so as to avoid any contamination.

Our focus is on exceptional service delivery and you can trust our 4 years’ experience and reputation. We are your best bet when it comes to the roof rat control West Palm Beach FL.

DIY Palm Rat Removal

There are instances when you may want to consider DIY rat removal to save up on the rat exterminator cost. However, this can be limiting, unless you are dealing with a single rat, which you know where it nests. When you have rats in your home, the normal desire is to have the rats gone as fast as possible. In most cases, DIY strategies will rely on traps and poison. You should avoid the poison at all costs as it can be detrimental.

You should also note that rats are known to be carriers of diseases and as such, they can be dangerous to handle by yourself. You may end up with scratches and bites and still have the rat problem in your home. It is best to allow the experts to handle this for you. The rat removal cost would be worth every single penny as the task will be completed successfully. Only work with qualified rat removal experts for effective rat extermination.

Palm Rat Removal Cost

Rat exterminator cost will vary depending on a couple of things. Some of the factors that will directly influence this cost include the number of rats and the method that is being used to eradicate them. If you are searching for quotes for rat extermination, then you have landed on the right place. It is important to start from the point of understanding that there are different types of rats and the roof rat seems to be the common nuisance for most people in Florida.

Rats will invade your property without an invitation and when they come in, they will create a mess and cause damage. They are excellent climbers and even when the holes and cracks appear to be too small, they will definitely find a way to squeeze through these openings. Even when you have a clean house, rats can swim through the sewer pipes and get into your home through the toilet.

You may never know how serious a rat infestation can be until they invade your home and start chewing on items. When considering the rat removal cost, you need to consider what you stand to lose if the rats are not exterminated.

Facts about Palm Rats Bonita Springs

Palm rats are quite common in Bonita Springs and the larger state of Florida. There are also known as house rats, ship rats, roof rats or black rats and are known to be the leading nuisance wildlife in tropical climates. They have a tendency to nest in the ground, with the preference being the palm trees, which explains their name. They love fruits as their main source of food and are known to be excellent climbers.

Palm Rats Damages

When the palm rats get into your home, they will cause a lot of damages. They will gnaw on wires and cables, which may cause electrical fires. In your garden, they will eat fruits, plants, and even vegetables. As soon as they find their way into your home, they will contaminate food items and this is really bad. Rats are known to be carriers or a number of diseases, like rabies. Their urine and droppings will also spread bacteria, which can cause a number of diseases. This is one of the main reasons why you should allow us a professional rat removal company to handle the situation.

Identifying Roof Rat Infestation

There are a number of signs that can show that your home is infested with roof rats. Some of the signs include grease marks on your walls as well as gnaw marks on different parts of your home. Rat droppings will also indicate a possible infestation of these rodents and at night, there may be screeching and clawing sounds. Having the palm rats in your home is not something that should be taken lightly, as we have already established that these will carry so many diseases.

Generally, the palm rats are common in Bonita Springs and will find refuge in most homes. If you have noticed any of the signs, there is a very high possibility that these are the nuisance creatures in your home. While they will mainly love to nest in the trees, they will find a way to get into your home. You can take some measures to ensure that they stay away from your home. However, when the infestation has already occurred, it is best to hire a professional to remove them and keep them away, for good.

Failure to take the right action means that you will spend sleepless nights listening to the rodents running around your home, not to mention the damages that they will keep causing.

Extensive Palm Rats Damage

Unlike other rodents in your home, the palm rats will cause damage in and out of your home. The trash cans and gardens are known to appeal to roof rats, especially if you have fruits in your garden. When they get into your home, they will wreak havoc and will affect the quality of air in your home. The best solution in dealing with the black rats in Bonita Springs is hiring a professional nuisance wildlife removal company and we are best placed to offer these services, at an affordable price.

Palm rats are known to be quite a nuisance and sadly, they carry a whole lot of diseases. This makes them dangerous and you need to stay away from them. Nuisance Wildlife Rangers is the best company to help you deal with the rat menace. This is safer and does not expose you to any risks. Get in touch with us today and our experts will be happy to sort out the issue. We are the best in the industry and offer the best service.

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