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Peacock Removal Offered by The Best Rangers

By August 30, 2017No Comments

As professional peacock removal company, we at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers have the best skills to handle these nuisance creatures. Peacocks have for long been kept in homes as pet birds and are known to be docile birds in cold areas but in areas that have a warm climate like Florida, they tend to cause a lot of chaos. These poultry birds if not controlled can be the cause of a lot of disturbance in form of noise at night and scratches to cars when they perch on them.

How to Keep Peacocks off Cars

We have studied the habits of peacocks for long and have come up with a conclusive reason as to why they cause scratches to cars. The male peacocks when they see their own reflection on the body of the cars, they assume that those are rival male peacocks that want to take over their territories and they try to fight them leading to scratches to your car. The best way to deal with this is to seal off parking areas with wire mesh.

How to Keep Peacocks off My Porch

Peacocks will lounge on your porch for the sole reason of expecting you to feed them. Many of us pet owners tend to feed our pets outside the house and thus the leftovers from these pet food acts as the feed for the peacocks when they happen to come on to our porch. They remain there in the expectation that more feed will come their way. As an effective method of peacock removal, home owners need to clear away all pet food leftovers and maintain a clean environment around their porch.

How to Scare Peacocks Away

The quest for peacock removal can be achieved easily through scaring away off the peacocks whenever they make an entry into our homes or gardens. There are two very effective methods of scaring peacocks away. The first one is sprinkling the peacocks with water, water makes these poultry feel uncomfortable and thus they leave that environment. One can invest in a sprinkler or simply a hose pipe to achieve this. The second method is the use of pet dogs, peacocks fear the presence of dogs and thus having one in your compound helps to keep the peacocks away.

How to Trap Peacocks

Trapping peacocks prove to be an efficient peacock removal method that if used in the right way can help you achieve very good results. In order to trap a peacock, we at the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers advice that one picks out a sizeable trap that will ensure the bird is not injured and no damage is done to its feathers. Place bait such as grains in the trap and shoot the bird towards it. This will have to be done with patience as the birds can at times be very troublesome. Once trapped, the trapper has to contemplate the next move that should be within the confines of the legal framework in Florida.

At the Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, we have a team of experts that is dedicated to helping you deal with any peacock removal problem that you may be faced with. Call us today to get help.

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